PR360   7-8 September 2020

Key Sessions for 2019

Taking a stance: The importance of matching your brand’s ethos to your audience

ks3With the rise of fake news and a mistrust of many news outlets, customers are becoming increasingly aware of the social purpose of the brands they consume. Brands are now faced with the challenge of tailoring their values to match their audience and secure their approval.

Through a panel discussion with leading communications professionals from some of the world’s leading brands, you will gain insider knowledge on what is driving this trend, identifying the social issues relevant to your brand, and how to make this element of communications work for you.

Engaging with Generation Z to secure a new customer base

ks1As a new generation reaches an age where they begin to consume more, it is important that your PR can tap into this new demographic to ensure you can grow your customer base to include younger audiences. Straying away from traditional methods of media consumption, Generation Z represents a challenge for communications professionals, as they have to alter their approach and the channels they use to reach out to these young consumers.

Join LSE’s Director of communications, Adrian Thomas, as he demonstrates how to alter your tone to engage younger customers and explore alternative media platforms to ensure that your message reaches your new target market.

Convincing the c-suite of the business-critical nature of communications

ks2Earned media does not mean free media, and communicating that to the people who allocate the budgets can be tough. Good PR does not come cheaply.

Our opening keynote address will delve into just this. Hear first-hand how to make the necessity of PR clear to the people signing off on the budgets and get PR’s value recognised by your business.

Measuring the impact of PR to assess your PR’s value and effectiveness

ks4Measuring your PR’s effectiveness is vital to not only prove its worth, but also to know how to improve your strategy. With so many different methods and techniques on offer, how do you choose the right method for your business?

Join Visit Britain’s Emma Mead, and Stroke’s Anil Ranchod for a session of case studies, and discover how to select the right criteria, what software is available, and how to communicate your findings to the rest of the organisation.

Building and maintaining high-performing PR teams

ks5High stress levels and a lack of support is leading to PR team members becoming less productive, or leaving businesses entirely.

Join Kelloggs’ Paul Wheeler to hear first-hand experience on providing a supportive working environment can improve productivity and retention, the importance of acknowledging PR’s uniquely challenging place in the communications world, and the business benefits of allowing your staff an opportunity to develop.