Chair’s opening remarks

Danny Rogers, Editor-in-chief, PRWeek



Keynote presentation: Purpose and sustainability – why you shouldn’t stay silent

  • How can the industry utilise the power of PR and communications to drive positive change
  • The ‘why’ as the unlock to encourage consumers to join your mission
  • How purpose fuelled by creativity and allyship can drive brand trust

Firdaous El Honsali, Global Vice President External Communications & Sustainability, DOVE, Unilever


Pitch perfect: improving the client-agency pitching process

  • With 30% of people suggesting the pitching process to be ‘out of hand’, what changes need to be made to make the pitching process fit for purpose?
  • Highlighting the importance of setting out clear expectations from both agency and inhouse sides from the beginning of the process
  • Ways in which agencies and inhouse teams can work together to improve the efficiency of the pitching process


Andrew Bloch, Lead Consultant, AAR

Clare Stafford, Head of Communications, Holland & Barrett

Mitch Kaye, Founder, The Academy


ESG Campaigns: authentically targeting new audiences

  • How should brands define their ESG strategies, for both internal and external audiences?
  • How can brands approach ESG campaign targeting, define their audiences, and understanding their expectations?
  • How should brands measure and report on their ESG activity with authenticity, avoiding purpose-washing or green-washing accusations?


Kemi Akindele, Director, Corporate Reputation and Brand Purpose, WE Communications



Networking break



Panel discussion: Commenting on creativity: the impact of the wider media landscape

  • Examining the best creative campaigns of the last 12 months and why they worked
  • How can you be creative in relation to the wider media landscape? Does having limited resources actually force more creativity in PR campaigns?
  • Does being too creative risk glossing over the key issues PR campaigns are trying to cover?

Moderator: John Harrington, UK Editor, PRWeek

Lysette Mazur, PR Consultant, Slimming World

Wesley Johnson, Head of Production, PA Media Group



Double fireside chat: Reputation, ESG, and changing societal expectations

  • The evolution of corporate reputation: what you do, say and think vs what society expects
  • How reputation expectations are developing alongside ESG practices and comms role in communicating this narrative
  • Where do we go from here? How to successfully navigate this new nexus

Lalu Dasgupta, Head of Communications, Trade, HSBC

Tarquin Henderson, Director, ESG Practices, Echo Research



Networking lunch



Deepening D&I: Developing authentic, accessible campaigns for all

  • The importance of making diversity and inclusion initiatives which are accessible to all, both within and outside your company
  • Demonstrating how internal comms can lead from the top to increase authenticity of internal and external D&I messaging 
  • How earned recognition, such as from awards, can encourage support for future campaigns
Krystle Downie, Communications Consultant, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


2022 – can we stop talking about Covid now and revert to developing multi-channel PR strategies?

  • Two years on from the start of the pandemic, how is the PR industry still being affected by Covid and what impact has this had on strategy planning?
  • How has the PR industry pivoted to being more reactive in their messaging and is this a more effective approach to comms?
  • What can you learn from how PR professionals have increased agility in their strategies?

Jennifer Walters, Associate Director of External Relations, Mind



Case study presentation: Working wonders – designing more inclusive workplace policies for a happier, more productive working environment

  • As we see an increase in more inclusive workplace policies, such as menopause leave, better paternity leave, etc, what effect will this have on how teams work?
  • How can you introduce inclusive policies to help combat the issue of burnout and help to foster a more positive working environment? 
  • Demonstrating the impact of curating a more understanding working environment in boosting workforce productivity

Stephanie Lunn, Global People & Culture Director, Guinness World Records



Networking break



Bridging the gap between PR and SEO to show REAL impact

  • How is the PR industry evolving and how do these changes serve to benefit brands from a more holistic perspective?
  • What metrics should brands be considering when setting objectives? How to demonstrate real ROI by aligning PR and SEO activity with commercial goals
  • The digital PR strategies that utilise content marketing to build awareness and trust with journalists and audiences
Moderator: Danny Rogers, UK Editor-in-chief, PRWeek


HUB A – Bridging the gap between PR and SEO to show REAL impact

  • How is the PR industry evolving and how do these changes serve to benefit brands from a more holistic perspective?
  • What metrics should brands be considering when setting objectives? How to demonstrate real ROI by aligning PR and SEO activity with commercial goals
  • The digital PR strategies that utilise content marketing to build awareness and trust with journalists and audiences

Moderator: Danny Rogers, UK Editor-in-chief, PRWeek

Jane Hunt, CEO, JBH – The Digital PR Agency

HUB B – Culture and belonging: what role does this play in PR?

  • What are the best practices when working & collaborating with content creators?
  • How do you authentically storytell through social media platforms & youth focussed publications?
  • When should you look to connect with ‘non traditional’ partners in order to cut through to a new audience?
Isabel Collins, Founder, Belonging Space


Panel discussion: Keeping up with cancel culture – how to ensure your brand remains safe from criticism online

  • As PR’s digital ecosystem grows, how much more at risk are you of cancel culture? 
  • Is the notion of cancel culture something that can only be reacted to, or can the PR industry implement proactive strategies to combat it?
  • How can you protect your teams and brands against getting trolled or cancelled online?

Moderator: James Halliwell, News Editor, PRWeek

Kaidee Horton, Head of Corporate Communications, LV= General Insurance

Krystle Downie
, Communications Consultant, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Jerina Hardy
, Head of Communications, Innocent Drinks



Panel discussion:  Reflecting on regulations – protecting your brand or dampening campaign impact?

  • How do strengthened sustainability targets and regulations affect your PR campaigns?
  • Do increased regulations help to keep you on track to achieving ESG targets or do they take away from time that could be spent on improving creativity and demographic reach? 
  • Can we expect further developments in sustainability initiatives and how can you use these to your advantage?

Moderator: James Halliwell, News Editor,PRWeek

Charlotte West, Executive Director, Global Corporate Communications for, Lenovo

Scott Sommerville, Head of Brand & Marketing, E.ON UK

Neil Morrison, Global Head of Measurement, Signal AI



Closing remarks & end of day one



Free drinks reception until 18:30



Chair’s opening remarks

Nicola Green, Chief Communications & Corporate Affairs Officer, Virgin Media O2



Marcomms: how aligning marketing and comms elevates campaign creativity

  • Should PR and marketing sit under one centralised team?
  • Can aligning marketing and communications teams help you to enhance the impact of your campaigns?
  • What might a centralised marketing and communications team look like? And how would this enhance collaboration on your team and overall campaign effectiveness?
David Parke, Food & Wine PR Manager, Marks and Spencer


Panel discussion: We can’t hear you – ensuring your brand isn’t tone-deaf to everyday issues

  • There has been a heavy focus on purpose within the last few years in communications, but do audiences actually care about this, especially in a time of crisis?
  • How can you ensure that your campaigns aren’t tone-deaf to key societal issues?
  • Is short-term planning the answer to helping ensure that your brand remains agile enough to respond to societal events?

Moderator: Nicola Green, Chief Communications & Corporate Affairs Officer, Virgin Media O2

Laura Osborne, Managing Director, Corporate Affairs, London First

Kamiqua Pearce, Managing Director, Coldr

CC Clark, EVP Communications EMEA: PR, Partnerships, Social and Influencer, FCB Inferno



Collaborating on communication – how stakeholder engagement holds the key to Covid- and crisis-communications

  • How to use stakeholder relations to boost communications cut-through when it matters most
  • Balancing relationships and messages to keep a complicated sea of audiences onside
  • Scaling up and getting creative with stakeholder communications channels to deliver in real time
  • Converting vocal critics into critical friends who support and enhance key messages

Robert Hack, Head of External Communications & Engagement (Crime), HM Courts & Tribunals Service



Networking break



HUB A – Tweaking tactics: do you know how to spend your budget for maximum impact?

  • With traditional monetization opportunities drying up, how can you effectively utilise budgets?
  • Is it a case of brands not having big enough PR budgets to create effective campaigns or not knowing how to spend them?
  • Is having a smaller budget a blessing or a curse when it comes to executing engaging campaigns? 

Moderator: James Halliwell, News Editor, PRWeek

Nora Maguire, Head of Communications, The Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Marina Nenadic, Marketing Communications Manager, Nesta

HUB B – How to articulate and sell a strategy to a client or internal stakeholder

  • Disentangling strategy, objectives and tactics. Why are they different and why does it matter?
  • Positioning a comms strategy within the overall business strategy
  • Creating an effective strategy deck: dos and don’ts


Mark Lowe, Founding Partner, Third City


Panel discussion: AV-Eh? Rethinking your measurement strategy to ensure your metrics have meaning

  • Are you using data effectively or are you measuring for measurement’s sake?
  • Does Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) devalue PR or is it still the most effective method for measuring your communications?
  • Could aligning marketing and communications be the answer to the PR industry’s age old measurement issue?

Moderator: John Harrington, UK Editor, PRWeek

Lucy Linthwaite, Hybrid Cloud Geo Communications Leader, IBM

Leor Franks, Business Development & Marketing Director, Kingsley Napley

Barney Barron, Head of UK Analysis, Cision



Networking lunch



Panel discussion: The poor cousin – how internal comms can help to enrich continuous business development 

  • Internal comms is usually seen as the less sexy side of PR, but is this changing?
  • How has the importance of internal comms come to the forefront over the last two years?
  • How aligning internal and external comms is the answer to ensuring your brand’s authenticity and gaining consumer trust to increase conversions

Jo Roberts, Director of Communications, Heathrow Airports Limited

Helen Card, Head of Civil Service and Cabinet Office Internal Communications, Cabinet Office

Cat Channon, Head of International Communications, Electronic Arts (EA)



Levelling up – a whistle-stop tour to progressing your communications career

  • How have new working patterns affected those wanting to level up in their PR careers?
  • Do PR professionals struggle to get a seat at the top table due to a lack of interest in  learning?
  • How will hybrid working and the increase in proximity bias affect people progressing in their careers?

Sian Trew, Director of Communications and Engagement, The AHSN Network



Double fireside: Anti-ageing – what is the serum we need to combat ageism in PR?

  • Celebrating young talent in the industry has been a norm for years, but why is there a lack of celebration around older talent? 
  • Are you at risk of alienating older staff by not giving them the right opportunities to succeed?
  • How can we combat the stereotype that older staff members are not as agile in their working patterns as younger staff members?

Kate Clark, Women in PR, Committee Representative and Director, KCPR KateClarkPR

Emma Twyning, Director of Communications & Policy, Centre for Ageing Better



Fireside chat: The purpose of PR – how to create deeper connections through social movements

  • Striking the balance between purpose-driven and product-driven PR campaigns 
  • How can you communicate on social issues authentically whilst still keeping in line with your company’s image?
  • Ways to go beyond social and greenwashing to implement real do-good initiatives and create permanent change in your brand’s ethos, messaging and purpose

Sam New, Global PR Manager, Bang & Olufsen



Presentation – Propelling PR – what can you focus on to promote PR even further?

  • As we begin to look at what life might be beyond Covid comms, we ask the top PR agency directors which area or theme of comms they think will help propel the PR industry’s growth even further

Charlie Mulock, Director, Hope & Glory PR

Richard Carpenter, CEO, Bladonmore

Tom Malcolm, Group Managing Director of Consumer PR, BCW Global

Simon Whitehead, CEO, Hill+Knowlton Strategies



Chair’s closing comments and close of conference