The year comms was more important than ever – What have we learnt?

Case Study Presentation

  • Lessons to take forward: What have we learnt about cultivating meaningful communications strategies in the face of uncertainty?
  • How to keep comms top of the agenda moving forward
  • How to continue engaging stakeholders for more cohesive communication campaigns moving forward
  • How has this affected internal practices and how senior leadership views the value of comms?
Julian Hunt, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, GB Coca-Cola European Partners

Klare Kennett, Assistant Director External Affairs, Marketing and Communications, RSPCA

Alexandra Burrell, Senior Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Pizza Hut

Rick Guttridge, Managing Director, Smoking Gun PR (Moderator)



Session break


Bridging the gap between large and dispersed team through effective internal communications


Case study presentation 

  • Creating effective internal communications during times of disruption  
  • Ensuring a sense of belonging across your organisation to combat challenges of working remotely 
  • Catering to everyone: ensuring that your communications strategy takes into account the needs of your people


Anna Bartle, Vice President Corporate Affairs, The Estee Lauder Companies UK & Ireland



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The DOs and DON’Ts for Measuring and Proving Your ROI

Case study presentation 

Old-school PR metrics are out. Earned media attribution, true readership, and real-world action are metrics that earn you a “seat at the table,” enable you to get more budget, and make PR a proactive part of the business strategy conversation. Learn how to flip the switch on metrics and create world class measurement programs that show true business results. We’ll dig into:

  • Powerful new metrics for communicators  
  • Setting measurable objectives and KPIs 
  • Proving ROI through sales, efficiency and cost savings
  • How proving ROI lands a bigger budget and more headcount

Barnaby Barron, Senior Director Insights UK, CISION



Black history month for all


Case study presentation 

  • Focusing internally on diversity programmes to support and encourage external work
  • Hosting a mix of serious conversations and lighthearted events 
  • Growing the campaign from 10 events in 2019 to 30 events in 2020

Krystle Downie, Communications Officer, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea



Hear from 30 under 30: What is the future of the industry?



Networking lunch



How has the past year affected women in PR?


Panel discussion 

Data shows that women were less likely to be hired than men during peak lockdown and that mothers were 47% more like to have permanently lost their jobs or resigned as a result of COVID-19

  • Has the past year been a step backward for women in PR? 
  • How can we ensure that while focusing on recovery we are focusing on equality in the workplace and flexible working policies?
  • How can we create a working environment that encourages and supports women’s return to the workplace post-Covid?

Hayley Lowe, Senior Director, Global Communications, Expedia Group

Charlie Mulock, Director, Hope&Glory
Sneha Patel, Senior Adviser for External and International Affairs in the Mayor of London’s office, Greater London Authority

Anna Geffert, Founder, Hera Communications Strategies (Moderator)



Session break


The beauty of hindsight – A review of the government’s communications strategy during Covid


Fireside Chat

  • What are the learnings from the past year of government communications around covid?
  • With hindsight – how could this have been done differently?
  • What does the data say about what was done right and what could’ve been improved on
Matthew d’Ancona, Editor and Partner, Tortoise Media


Session break


Bridging the gap between the real and digital worlds


Case study presentation

  • Exploring how digital acceleration has shifted attention to AR technology and how it can be used 
  • How and why are brands using these technologies?
  • How can AR help to create connections and engage audiences?

Tanya Ridd, Director of Communications, International, Snap Inc



Session break


Myth-busting digital tools and terms to drive forward your PR practices 

  • How software is transforming the way PRs communicate and collaborate
  • Getting to grips with the fundamentals of blockchain enabled communication, and how to apply it in your comms strategy 
  • Why lockdown has accelerated the need for PR professionals to leverage digital tools more effectively 

Antoun Sfeir, Founder and CEO, Epresspack

Jeremy Thompson, Epresspack board member